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In two terms as mayor of Crystal (2005 – 2012), ReNae Bowman has demonstrated a passion for serving our residents, and produced an impressive record of achievement.

  • Founder, Crystal Business Association
  • Founder, Citizen Input Time
  • Founder, Crystal Dog Park
  • Completed Bronze Star level of education from the National League of Cities
  • Champion of the 2005 water issue:  Fought to keep the current system of purchasing city water from Minneapolis instead of drilling wells which would have increased government and Crystal’s infrastructure.
  • Brought forth, won support and implemented Crystal’s Domestic Partner Registry prior to the marriage amendment passage in 2012
  • Led County Road 81 community discussions. A design plan was created that won citizens support. Worked with the county to assure citizen concerns were addressed and expectations met.
  • Brought solar energy projects to Crystal. Projects include solar panels on City Hall, the Community Center, the Aquatic Center roof and a small solar garden next to the giant water slide. Crystal paid $65,000 and received $1 million dollars’ worth of solar equipment. Currently the city does not own the panels but we are able to buy electricity at a reduced rate from Xcel Energy. In 2018, the equipment will belong to the city of Crystal (at no additional charge because the investors will be paid back) and Crystal’s residents and businesses will receive all the benefits of solar panels.
  • Roads: As mayor ReNae participated in the discussion and agreements to rebuild 1/3 of Crystal streets. There was no increase to taxes and citizens were offered an assessment financing program making assessments very affordable for homeowners. Additionally, homeowners had the option to add concrete/asphalt projects (driveways, steps, etc) done at a fraction of the cost due to the power of group purchasing. The benefit of new streets improves storm water management, make our neighborhoods look healthy and serve to protect property value.
  • Blight Prevention, Scattered Site Redevelopment:  After the 2008 market crash there were substandard homes that were selling for the value of the land. City leaders agreed this was the time to purchase those parcels. We utilized the Public Works department to destroy substandard houses and then sold the properties (which replenished the fund we spent on the properties).Between 2010 & 2012, 26 new homes built by private contractors on lots purchased from the city at full retail price, homes were value at $170,000 and above
  • Balanced budgets that included income revenue to keep taxes stable.
  • Additional redevelopment includes the Crystal Medical Center & The Cavanaughs, Senior low income apartments.
  • Implemented residential rain garden and business parking lot rain gardens
  • Crystal has always been a debt free cityduring my terms in office, the budgets always balanced and no debt was created to pay for city operations or wages
  • Street Reconstruction Bonds paid by residents – payments never made from tax revenue funds
  • Utilize bonds and reserve funding when appropriate for long-term infra-structure  improvements   

Proud of my Labor & DFL endorsements – I stand with them to uphold democratic principles created & agreed upon by many hard-working individuals.

I pledge to protect good paying jobs, fair credit practices, environmental stewardship, preservation of human rights and honest representation for all.

  • Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
  • DFL
  •  womenwinning-logo-1
  • I am also very proud of my womenwinning endorsement.  This endorsement did not get onto the printed literature during to timing.  Go to the womenwinning website to learn more.

    On a campaign side note:  See below.

It is disappointing to hear that my opponent is telling people he is a Democrat (if that is what is important to the resident).

My opponent is definitely not a Democrat and I refer to this behavior as being a “campaign chameleon”

(I use this reference to illustrate an action rather than a attach a label. By definition chameleon is any of several American lizards capable of changing the color of their skin to survive.)

It is why, printed on my literature, I am proud to say I am Labor and DFL endorsed. If you want to vote for a Democrat at the local level, vote for those of us willing to declare a party affiliation in writing, either on our literature or our websites.

I know that party affiliation was important to my opponent 4 years ago, so I wanted to make sure people clearly knew who I am, not only through my previous actions, but also my words.