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About Me

Crystal Resident since 1978, grew up south of the Honeywell plant in Golden Valley.  

Family Husband Joe Selton (married in 2012) Blended family of 4 daughters, 2 sons-in -laws, 9 grandchildren, (Joe has one great-grand child and a 2nd on the way – I am too young for that!!  LOL)

I work for Aveda at the corporate office in Blaine.


NHHC Community College 1987, Marketing degree,  2005 Alum of the year

Concordia College:  1989, Business degree

Bronze Star education level in Leadership from the National League of Cities 

Certifiede Master Recycler/Composter from Hennepin County Environmental Services department

Born in North Minneapolis, my parents built our family home in Golden Valley in 1959 (Olympia Street and Hampshire Ave, just south of the Honeywell plant). I started 1st grade in the Robbinsdale School district at Oak Knoll School (which closed in 1961). I attended Neill Elementary, Sandburg Jr High, Cooper HS and graduated from Armstrong HS in 1971, the first graduating class of that school.

I grew up with three brothers, two older and one younger and some of my scrappiness may be due to the fact that I learned to hold my own in a crowd of boys. My parents were ahead of their time as small business owners in Golden Valley. It was a perfect childhood, in a perfect part of the world that was safe and fun and where we knew adults cared about us.

I have been a Crystal resident for 38 years. I had two daughters, they both attended the Robbinsdale District from K – 12, Angel graduated in 1995 and Amber in 1999. In 1985 I became a single parent (they were 3 and 7 years old). It was tough work, but I was determined to raise my children in a safe and healthy home environment and I did.

I graduated from North Hennepin Community College in 1987 and attended Concordia University in 1988-89. My education is in “Organizational Behavior” and Marketing.

Of all the things I have experienced and accomplished the events that altered me most were the lives and deaths of my brother Regie Huber and my daughter Angel Bowman. Regie died in 2006 of heart failure as a result of a birth defect (age 56) and Angel died in 2008 (age 30) of colon cancer. My life remains forever altered as a result of both their lives and their deaths and I will forever deeply miss them.

My daughter Amber blessed me with an incredible son-in-law and three adorable grandchildren. In 2012 I married Joe Selton and was blessed to be accepted by his 3 daughters, a son-in-law and (the now) 6 grandkids and recently added a great grandchild. Life is rich and full of little kid kisses and hugs and I really enjoy playing with total childlike abandone again. Guess it is called a second childhood for good reason.

What compels me to run again?

Despite some of life’s challenges, my life is wonderful and full of much joy!  So why would I think about running (again) for office?

This is very important election for our residents and businesses. This election is about choosing a financial philosophy that you believe will preserve financial health and assure budget sustainability over time.

I believe in common sense funding that uses all the financial tools available for city government to build a strong foundation of wealth for its residents. Property value is more than just a singular home, the financial strength of the city helps keep property values stable. City budgets are made of much more than just property taxes and we need to preserve our interest income to keep property taxes low and stable.

This is only one reasons I am running. I invite residents and businesses to check back to this website for issue updates or just contact me if you want to learn more.

Recent photos featuring ReNae Bowman, candidate for Mayor / City of Crystal

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