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News Article: Crystal Robbinsdale Sun Post, October 13

Here is the word-by-word account of the candidates forum.  Not the entire forum, just the main points.

Crystals current mayor Adams uses double talk, he cannot make sense of his own budget.  When he tells residents that he “has reduced its line on debt and continue to do so” please know the debt he is referring to are the Street Reconstruction bonds.  Here is the news flash:  CRYSTAL HAS NEVER CARRIED DEBT, CRYSTAL BONDED FOR STREET RECONSTRUCTION PROJECTS.  THE CITY PAID THE 40 PERCENT AND BONDED FOR THE PROPERTY OWNERS 60 PERCENT.

Mayor Adam’s New Debt Service Tax Plan increases your taxes to pay off street reconstruction bonds early, you will be paying for my street reconstruction.  A double tax.  In three years my assessment will be paid for, I was looking forward to $1,200 more per year in my budget, but Mayor Adams wants to grab that money back, to what end, I do not know.  BUT I WILL NOT LET HIM GRAB THAT MONEY WITHOUT A FIGHT!

Now I am looking at a minimum of 18 percent more per year (10 percent in 2016 and 8 percent in 2017).  Plus the 25 percent increase to my utility bill (quarterly water/sewer bill)  I am being double taxed, I don’t want to pay off someone else’s street reconstruction bonds and Crystal will be penalized for pre-payment of these bonds.  Could it get worse?  Don’t ask!

Savings?  Not what I consider savings, no common sense, no transparency to tell the truth about Crystal taxes and budgets.

When I was mayor my tax increases were at 2 percent, except for 2009 and 2010 when taxes went to 3.5 percent but we also froze wages.  City revenue dropped due to the devaluation of property during the 2008 market crash.  Our economy is better than it has been in 8 years.  Why did they add $644,000 of new tax money this year?  Where is the benefit?  Perhaps Mayor Adams is finding benefits but the rest of us are paying too much.

Time to go back to reality based money management, vote for ReNae Bowman for a brighter future.

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    I am having trouble with the link, click below to access the article, it is difficult to find on the Sun Post website. Thanks.


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