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Crystal’s bond rating has remained the same for the past 11 years, meaning that Crystal had the same bond rating when I was mayor.  What will impact the bond rating in the future? Spending down $14 million dollars of reserve money with no plan for replacement will impact Crystal’s bond rating.  

Crystal’s current city council is happily promoting that the bond rating is so good (glad they finally acknowledge my hard work).  Most curious, mayor Adams has professed he will never bond for money, so why does he care what the rate is?  Fact is he doesn’t.  Mayor Adams wants to transition Crystal from a financially healthy city to one that operates from paycheck to paycheck.   Paycheck to paycheck is not a viable plan for a healthy strong community, in my opinion it is the beginning of bankruptcy.  

Transparent Budget Process: Citizens deserve to know the how and why of tax dollar spending
Keep Gaulke Fire Station 2 open (next to city hall) – if we lose this fire station the cost of our home fire insurance will go up.  We will be left vulnerable.  There is very little dollar savings to closing this fire station. 
Protect taxpayer-owned assets from being sold off to private groups.  We need to maintain and improve all the property owned by the city of Crystal, why would anyone consider selling off city owned land.  I promise to never sell city owned land and assets.  
Rebuild budget reserves to strengthen city finances.  This council wiped out $14 million dollars in reserve fund to build the public works building.  This is the worst way to spend hard earned tax dollars.  There was no need to wipe out these reserves and there was not dollars saved as the current mayor Adams would like you to believe.  Adams has stated we saved a million dollars in interest by spending the reserves.  However, he never calculates what is lost:  earned income from the reserve dollars. the loss of interest paid over the 50 year life of the project.  
Street Repair and Maintenance:  For those of us who had our streets rebuilt, we paid for 2 seal coatings on our streets, one a 7 years and one at 14 years.   Now they have suspended the seal coating because they say they don’t work, of course, they don’t provide any real data to support these statements.  So I say to mayor Adams, I want my money back, you cannot take what I have already paid for without a word to any of us.  We must be given a say in this matter.    
 Protect Crystal’s tax dollars with defined strategic plans based on best practices.