Using "Uncommon Sense" To Solve Problems

Why be content with accepting things as they are, when your ideas and opinions could contribute to making a better community?

Return Council Transparency

ReNae believes that the key to reinstating transparency to the city council can start with two major efforts; 1) Restore open communication between the Council and residents, and 2) Revive City Commissions some of which have been allowed to lose cohesiveness under the current administration.

Rebuild Budget Sustainability

Tax dollars must work as hard for our residents as they do in working to earn those tax dollars, To do this, a new mayor will: 1) Replenish reserve accounts & preserve assets to restore Crystal's financial health 2) Reinstate maintenance & repair budgets to protect tax-paid assets and resident assessments 3) Restore strategic budget planning process to keep Crystal a vibrant place people want to call home

Engaging Environmental Stewardship

Every resident produces waste (just under 7 lbs per person per day). Laws controlling waste in Minnesota have changed requiring more attention and resources from residents, businesses and government. As a Master Recycler/Composter "I will lead the way to reduce solid waste costs & improve recycling percentages for Crystal’s residents and businesses".

What People Endorsing ReNae Bowman Want You To Know:


"ReNae has proven time and time again that she has the best interests of Crystal residents at heart. I appreciate her eagerness to serve, hold city employees and elected officials accountable for budget expenditures, and her vision for the future. She is clearly the most qualified person to hold this office, and a champion for fairness and integrity"

Jim Martin - Longtime Crystal Resident

As a twenty year local entrepreneurial veteran, I met ReNae Bowman during the launch of the Crystal Business Association. She was heavily involved in making sure the city supported small business owners and in developing this new platform for communication. ReNae always went out of her way to help us navigate any obstacles during the association's creation and, once formed, frequented our meetings often. We all felt that ReNae was on our side and listening to what we had to say. I'd be thrilled to see her back in the mayoral office.

Heather Renne - Owner, MINT Household Services, LLC

ReNae Bowman - Community Leader Successes

With eight years (2005-2012) of successful mayoral leadership, ReNae already has a strong grasp of what issues are important to the residents of Crystal and most importantly, how to achieve positive results. This is a critically important election year. With so much at stake, one only needs to look at what she has achieved in two terms, and ask yourself "what has your city leadership done for you this past four years?" Are you aware of what their Strategic Plan is for the next four years?